Happy New Year!

Typically I am always asked what are my goals for the new year. I always answer well same as last year. To enjoy the sport of kayak fishing to put food on the table and learn some new tricks to angling and to help fellow kayak anglers new to the sport and seasoned. Also representing Jackson Kayak with the up most respect. I also love checking out and testing new products aimed at the sport.

2013 was a pretty successful year. Fishing 2 tournaments and 2 Jamborees along with trying to hit the water as much as possible. I should have counted the days I got out fishing. The plan is to start recording them in 2014.

Firsts for the year included new species to my list. Teaching kayak fishing seminars to over 50 people at a time. The success of a great second Heroes On The Water season. Learning new tricks with video editing.

Things missed this year were team Kipto and the boondoggle.  The weather forced us to cancel the last fishing trip of the year at Kiptopeke. The Yakman wasn’t around the scene as much. Was able to fish with Lunchbox more than last year which is always a good time.

This year looking forward to dirty J-Bay. Hoping to maybe place in the tourney. Prior years i just looked at J-Bay as a fishing tourney that is more chill. This year im going there to fish. This year should open some doors and can only get bigger. Im looking forward to seeing you out on the water or volunteering for HOW.

Good Luck in 2014!!

I have received my brand new 2014 Jackson Cuda 14! Cant wait to start rigging!!!

2014 Cuda 14

The factory upgrades!

Molded in bow and stern hatches! The new center hatch cover with gear tracks and closed hatch access. Center hatch insert is now included! The center hatch insert allows added storage below the center hatch.


Dont buy another GoPro battery until you have read this!

Wasabi Power Hero2

Last year I was searching for a spare GoPro battery for my Hero2 cameras on Amazon.com and came across Wasabi Power. The kit included (2) Wasabi Power batteries and a Wall/Car 12V charger for $20.00. I figured what do I have to loose going with that option since the new GoPro battery was $40.00.

Turns out this was a great purchase. I have been using it over a year now and it will charge a dead battery in about an hour and a half which beats the USB cable. I can now charge on the go with the 12V option. The batteries last as long as the original GoPro batteries. This is an excellent alternative.

Wasabi Power also supplies batteries and chargers for Hero3 & Hero3+ cameras.


Wasabi Power Hero 3+

Although from what I understand is they are developing a new charger for the Hero3+ batteries due to the 2 notches that have been removed from the Hero3 batteries. They also produce batteries and chargers for other photo and video devices. Check out their Facebook for more information and links to the charger and batteries you are searching for.


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