The new Torqeedo Torq Trac Module arrived at my door step today!


TorqTrac-BOXThe Torqeedo Torq Trac is a Bluetooth add-on which connects inline to the throttle controller data cable. It works along with the Torqeedo Travel and Ultralight motor systems. Using your android or apple smart phone and or tablet with the Torqeedo Torq Trac App installed you can receive data that the Torqeedo throttle controller itself is limited to.

Packaged in a neat white box is a 12″ module cable with an instruction booklet.

Simply install the Torq Trac App downloaded free to your Android or Apple Device.


Open the app. It will prompt to turn on the device to connect. Turn on the Torqeedo controller with the module connected and the device will automatically connect.

The app Includes 3 separate function tabs.

  1. Speedometer
  2. Range
  3. Trips

trrq-trac app allSpeedometer Function Tab:

The speedometer function gives you a readout of current speed in Knots (kn), kilometers per hour (km/h), and miles per hour (mph). Simply change the units by tapping the unit display area.

The are also readouts for current power usage, Trip distance, a Battery percentage meter, Remaining Range, and Remaining Hours. There is also the way-point area which you will set on the range tab.

Range Function Tab:

The range tab is your navigation. The display will show your current location on a Google style map. At the top right you can tap for an interactive map. At the top right you’ll see a +.  Here you can program way points. Creating way-points will then allow you to set a course say from your launch point to an interesting place you picked on the map or an area you want to try fishing. You can also program away point to get back to where the fishing was good the day or hour before!

Trips Function Tab:

The trips tab has functions that allow you to record your trips. The readout will tell you your max speed for the trip and the average speed per trip. It will also keep track of  time differences between paddling and drifting while the Torqeedo is not in use and the distance with the motor engaged.  At the top right you can tap to see a log of all trips the app has recorded!


I must say the Torqeedo Torq Trac is pretty impressive.  I cant wait to get it out on the water!! Look for a review article within a few months.

Take into note that wind and current can change the range which the app displays and your actual distance. Do not use the app as a primary navigation device.

For more information see the Torqeedo Website Torq Trac page!

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