Video – Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Modifications Summarized

Everything mentioned within this video is outlined on The Plastic Hull within the Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Archives.

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Torqeedo 403 Aluminum Steering Bracket

As Torqeedo Ultralight 403 owners, every time we go fishing we must attach the motor to our kayak. After the day is over we are then removing it. Why not do it easier rather than having to carry hex keys which are easy to loose. I have come up with an easier way! Replacing the M6 x2 bolt with a Threaded Adjustable Cam Lever this problem is solved.

What is a threaded adjustable cam Lever?

A threaded adjustable cam lever is made up of a handle with a cam attached to a threaded stud. On the Stud is a threaded washer a with a depression on one side.  The cam action or elliptical shape will compress and tighten the threaded stud when the lever is pressed down. The fastener allows for quick fastening and removal without using tools.



Attaching the Torqeedo:

Threaded Adjustable Cam Lever will replace the existing 5MM hex M6 x 2 bolt. Thread into existing nut. Insert the upper boom of the motor trim/mount into ball coupler. The threads do not have to be completely tight. Twist cam lever until snug. A simple pressing down motion of the lever will compress the thrust washer so the boom will not slip.

Detaching the Torqeedo:

Pull lever to upright position. Loosen a turn or two. Detach upper boom from ball coupler. Tighten cam lever and lock down not to loose it during transport.

You can purchase the Cam Lever At Link Below
Kipp 6X20 Stainless Steel Adjustable Cam Lever with M6 External Thread 20 mm Screw Length – Plastic Handle

Kipp 6X20 Stainless Steel Adjustable Cam Levers with M6 External Thread, 20 mm Screw Length – Stainless Handle

TKFS Improved Torqeedo steering bracket Ver. 2

The Kayak Fishing Store (TKFS) using the stock plastic Torqeedo steering bracket has improved the rigidity by using aluminum. The lightweight but much stronger bracket can take the extreme forces for a life time of steering. The process of making these from a block of aluminum using a CNC process is illustrated below.

Having mentioned this after market part in many of my posts and videos. This is a great addition to any Torqeedo tkfs-torqeedo-steering-bracket1UL 403 Install!

Modifications to the original aftermarket bracket the steering points have been bored larger than on the previous version 1 to allow the carabeners to pivot more. This way they no longer have the tendency to get stuck in the up and down position.


Scroll down for The Kayak Fishing Store Link!


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