For 2017 MTI Adventurewear an American personal flotation device manufacturer released the new Neptune Auto Inflatable Life Jacket. With comfort and safety in mind the lightweight Neptune auto inflatable PFD is able to be worn in comfort all day long. Being a flat water PFD the use in kayak fishing, hunting, and touring is to be its main use but can also be used in power boating as well. The PFD is a one size fits all with 29 lbs of buoyancy!


After purchasing your new MTI Neptune PFD be sure to follow the instructions on the attached card thoroughly. You will need to arm the inflator device prior to use. If you fail to arm the device the PFD will not be buoyant in an emergency. Although there is a oral tube for manual inflation it will not be useful in the event you are unconscious.There are three ways to inflate the PFD. One is as is mentioned the manual oral tube. The second is the manual jerk tab which will activate a pin that will pierce the CO2 canister. The third is the automatic bobbin which when immersed with water will dissolve the chemical in the bobbin after a few seconds and release the pierce pin opening the CO2 cylinder.

Arming the PFD:

It’s necessary to arm the device prior to your experience on the water and disarm it when not in use. To arm the inflator device find the CO2 canister in the left side under the tab tat says “Cylinder for Arming”. You will find it wrapped in a plastic bag with instructions. Arming the PFD is pretty simple. Push in the CO2 canister while holding the lever arm to retract the bayonets. Turn 1/8 clockwise turn and the indicator will turn green. If it stays red then you will need to purchase a rearming kit. The Kit is model #V86000-84204Z which includes CO2 Canister and new bobbin.Arming the PFD

When the PFD is not in use you should disarm the CO2 canister. This is important since you don’t want the PFD inflating during normal maintenance while cleaning or an accidental pull on the jerk tag while storing. When you clean your Neptune be sure to remove the cap and bobbin. Water will degrade the bobbin and make it fire therefore a rearming kit will be necessary.

The cost is US $159.95 msrp

For more info visit the MTI Adventurewear Website

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It’s a good idea to Take A Free Online Paddle Sports Safety Course every year! A certificate will be awarded if you pass the test! Education about the rules of the road on the water are designed to create a safer experience paddling. Many people don’t realize how dangerous paddle sports can be. Unfortunately every year people are seriously injured or die due to inexperience and not knowing simple guidelines  to keep them safe. These paddle sport rules were created specifically to keep people safer and aware.

Whats Required?

It is not required for a paddler to take and pass a boater safety certification course & exam.  However passing the exam is required prior to piloting a motor boat in most US states.  This also applies to motorized personal watercraft or a jet ski. All states requirements vary between horsepower and length of vessel. Typically any motorized craft is subject to checking your state laws to find what is required.

What the paddle sports safety course entails:

I found this course to have some very important information. I recommend for you take the time to go through it. You will find the course has integrated audio so you can listen or read along. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

The course covers:

  1. The boat
  2. Boating Equipment
  3. Trip Planning & Prep
  4. Marine Enviroment
  5. Safe Boat Operation
  6. Emergency Preparedness


Free Online Paddlesports Safety Course:

Remember always wear your PFD!
Cold Water Kills

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