Understanding Kayak Rigging – Mounting Base Options

Mounting bases are an essential part of rigging and personalizing your fishing kayak for your needs. A mounting base is typically and after market install for adding mounts for rod holders, fish finders, and other personalized accessory’s.  In this article ThePlasticHull.net covers basic and typical mounting hardware and bases along with track systems.


mounting hardwareThere are 4 main types of fasteners typically used for rigging plastic kayaks.  They are as follows.

  1. Thru Bolt: (Best Mounting Solution. This includes metal backing plates used in track system mounting.)
  2. Rivets: (Second to the best method)
  3. Well Nut & Bolt (Typically used with no inside access)
  4. Self tapping screw (Has its uses)
  5.  Factory molded threaded inserts (Becoming more common. Standard on Jackson fishing Kayaks)


Accessory Bases:

These fastening methods are used to install a mounting base. Depending on the accessory there are choices on base options. For a long time mounting a spline base or a flush mount spline base was the best method of installing rod holders and safety flags. With the evolution of kayak fishing and innovative accessory companies like Ram Mount,s Scotty, and Yak Attack new mounting options have been invented. To cover a few of the main mount base options.

  1. Scotty base
  2. RAM Ball Base
  3. Rail Blaza Deck Mount Base


Gear Tracks:

The most widely used deck mounting solutions in recent time are track mount bases. Track mounting works just like track lighting. Simply by turning the accessory it can be located and secured in any location on the track desired.  I believe Wilderness Systems were the first to incorporate track mount systems into their fishing line of kayaks. Luther Cyphers of Yak Attack developed first the mighty mount which accepted a T style bolt that also is compatible with a track system.  Later he developed the gear track. The gear track really made rigging possibility’s endless. Also created the ability to slide accessory’s to different positions on the fly.  For paddlers the ability to move rod holders out of your paddle sweep on the fly.

In recent time many other fishing kayak manufacturers are incorporating the Yak Attack Gear track or similar track system into their fishing line of kayaks. Along with the tracks came “T Bolt Accessory’s” . The Screw ball was one of the first solutions for mounting accessory’s to the tracks. The ability to have a RAM Mount accessory on a sliding track made options endless. From mounting Rod Holders to Fish finders and camera mounts.

Scotty and RAM Mount spline bases can be adapted to work with track systems by utilizing the Yak Attack MightyMount Post Mount kit. Check it out here!

For 2015 Yak Attack has done it again with a new innovative track system that enables mounting accessory’s from any point on the track. No more sliding from one end to another. Mount between already mounted accessory’s! This is going to make it easy!


For more information on GearTrack Mounting Hardware go to YakAttack.us!


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