Spindrift-Carbon leftSpindrift-Carbon rightA touring paddle for kayak fishing?  Why not? The low angle of the Aqua-Bound Spindrift enhances your time fishing saving you from fatigue on those long days of paddling. The low angle paddling style is most common while touring kayaking with a low sweeping stroke that is semi-circular. This paddle stroke will allow for longer time paddling during your fishing trips with overall less fatigue.

paddle diagram

Whats the difference between a low and a high angle paddle? Well one is longer with a narrow blade and the other is a short fatty. As mentioned above he low angle stroke is more of a low sweeping stroke meaning to maintain a consistent speed. The stroke is less responsive than the high angle but is effective in saving energy on long fishing trips.

The high angle paddle is shorter in length with a wider blade.  The high angle paddle stroke begins and ends with vertical entry and exit from the water hence the high angle of 45 degrees. This style of paddling is meant to generate the maximum thrust due to the straight line path therefor quickly gaining greatest amount of speed. Paddling this style will cause more fatigue due to the high rate of strokes.

Aqua-Bound Spindrift Carbon:

The Spindrift Carbon is one of many top of the line style paddles offered by Aqua-Bound. It has become of my favorite paddles of all time due to its versatility and comfort. The Carbon fiber paddle is incredibly light due to its carbon fiber resin and foam core compression molded blades coming in at an overall weight of 24 oz. The telescoping (Plus) ferrule is an excellent option for paddlers with adjustable high low seating or multiple kayaks. It does add a few ounces but with the added option to set the paddle length +/- 15 cm is incredibly handy. The current Spindrift Carbon Paddle I have tested length is 235 cm collapsed and adjusts to a maximum of 250 cm. Due to the feature of the telescoping ferrule the paddle has a infinite feather angle. You may set the feather angle to keep you more comfortable while paddling. To adjust simply twist to the left to loosen and right to tighten.


My Experience:

Using this paddle is great for areas of medium current speed tidal zones. Although it may take you a few extra strokes to get going once your going the ease of paddling is great! My recommendation in high wind and strong tidal zones the use of a high angle paddle so you have the added catch and speed for areas you may want to move fast. The paddle is well woth the investment and will last years of paddling and fishing!

The paddle has held up well for its first season. Trying not to push off of rocks and gravel there is not many marks in the finish. Although a little dirty the paddle looks new and is in great shape. Never store your paddle assembled remember when done paddling especially in salt water to break it down into 2 pieces and rinse it off. This will ensure your paddle never fuses together.

Stock Paddle Stats:

Ovalized Shaft:

T-700 Carbon Standard
Blade Width: 5.50in
Blade Length: 19in
Blade Surface Area: 87 sq.in.  561 sq.cm
Paddle Weight: 24 oz 680 g
Paddle Length: 210cm 220cm 230cm 240cm
Paddle Construction: 2pc
Suggested Retail Price:
$394.95 (Adjustable)

The option for the telescoping ferrule is available.

More Info at Aqua-Bound.com follow the link below!



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