New to the lineup of Bending branches Pro Series paddles is the Angler Pro Carbon. A milti-laminate full carbon fiber high performance light weight paddle. This is the first carbon fiber fishing specific paddle offered by Bending Branches.

 Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

Angler Pro Carbon First Impressions:

This paddle is light. Coming in at 24 oz it is now one of the lightest kayak paddles available on the market. Using a light paddle will extend your day on the water saving you energy with every paddle stroke.

The finish of the paddle is stunning. A mirror glaze on the blades brings out the woven fiber patterns. A smooth and comfortable shaft form fits to your grip but will not easily slip.

The paddle blade is noticeably wider and has a distinct angle and ridge on the front face.

The paddle is a 2 peice making it easy to transport when off the water. IT is simply assembled by joining the shaft together and twisting to lock in the desired length with the plus ferrule and snapping at the desired angle with the snap ferrule.

Available in both a snap button ferrule and the plus ferrule options. The snap ferrule is the most economical option and also less weight and allows you to feather the paddle at 0 & 60 to the left or right. The plus ferrule allows you to adjust on the fly +15 CM. The paddle can now be used with multiple kayak widths.

The new logo is very sleek and stylish with its white stencil on the black carbon blade.

Trust me this paddle is for the hardcore kayak angler. Brandishing a measuring strip in both inches and centimeters like all Bending Branches angler series paddles. The paddle itself becomes a fishing tool.

Carbon fiber although being light weight can still take a beating like fiberglass. Carbon however is stiffer than fiberglass so will not absorb any power from your stroke.

Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

New Technology:

Bending branches made an advancement in technology on all of the Angler Pro Series paddles. The blade width has become wider and thinner from the previous pro series. This enables more surface area to get the maximum output from your paddle stroke! This along with the plus ferrule introduced 2 years ago makes it the most versatile paddle as you can adjust the length +5cm to your kayaks width and to your paddling style.


Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

I have been using the Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon since September 2017. Must say it has become my go to paddle! The lightweight is very noticeable on a long day of paddling and fishing. Much like the wood navigator paddle the Angler Pro Carbon has little of no flex in the blade which applies all of my paddle stroke with no loss due to flex of the blades against the water. I am able to reach my top speed faster with less strokes which is ideal while using a high end paddle.  I do notice the difference after paddling all day with Carbon compared to the previous years Angler Pro with the fiberglass blades.

The Angler Pro Carbon is rigid and tough. It will stand up to the test of time due to its high standard during fabrication. Bending Branches takes pride in every product they manufacture as it was being made for themselves. During my use of the paddle I made sure to push off rocks and mud banks and yes even oyster bars. The paddle held up and did not show any blemishes nicks or chips.

I love the plus ferrule option with this paddle as I do tend to paddle a few different kayaks which vary in width. This is a great option that bending branches offers and is worth the extra cash if you do paddle multiple styles of kayaks.

Although the high price there are so many pros for this new paddle. If you are a hardcore kayak angler or enjoy just paddling the high angle style I would highly recommend picking up an Angler Pro Carbon. So head down to your local kayak shop that carries Bending Branches paddles and check one out for yourself!


Snap Ferrule – 25oz Available in lengths 230cm  240cm  250cm  260cm

Feathers to – 0° & 60° (L or R)

Plus Ferrule – 26oz Available in Increments of 10cm lengths from 230-245cm  240-255cm

Infinite Ferrule 360° Feather


Snap Ferrule $399.96 MSRP

Plus Ferrule $424.95 MSRP


The Plastic Hull gives this product a 5 star rating.


New Product Announcement:

Bending Branches has revealed the new Angler Optimus which was intended to be at iCast 2015! The newly revealed combined SUP Paddle / Stake Out Pole / Push Pole / Canoe Paddle is a series of fiberglass snap extensions and a T Handle. Each part can be purchased in a separate package.

Angler Optimus Options



Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

The Angler Optimus setup is a complete game changer for kayak navigation. Typically I bring out one of each being a paddle, stakeout pole, and an Aqua-bound Challenger SUP paddle on my Big Rig for the ease of stand up paddling.

If you already own a BB Angler Paddle and find yourself stand up paddling a lot then the Angler Optimus is for you! Available in mid August ask your local Bending Branches Dealer to pre order. Please note the Angler Optimus is not compatible with the Plus Ferrule System or the Angler Scout paddle.

For more information see the Product page image to the left and check out

Love that new paddle smell!! Here is a description and first impressions of the Bending Branches Navigator Paddle.

navigator crossedFirst thing all Bending Branches paddles are hand crafted in the USA! The Navigator Plus is a lightweight wood blade paddle mated with Bending Branches patented T700 carbon shaft. In all the two piece snap lock ferrule paddle weights 28 0z total. The blades are crafted from Red Alder a hardwood and Roasted Basswood a softer type of wood which gives this paddle a vintage look and rigidity but adds a flex that gels to your paddling style.

Making its debut in 2010 as an advanced low angle touring paddle it is now catching the eye of those in the kayak fishing scene. The low angle style of paddling allows for less fatigue during the fishing trip. After all less paddling fatigue equals more time on the water catching fish!

The blade being crafted from Alder a hardwood is additionally protected by Bending Branches patented Rock Guard then covered in a layer of protective fiberglass. So the paddle if cared for should last a lifetime.

Overall the blade construction is impressive being made from wood this eliminates the spline on the back side of the blade. This should prove to be a quieter paddle which is essential while fishing for spook easy fish. In addition the paddle is also available with the Plus Ferrule. This provides you with an additional telescoping length of up to 15 CM. A great advancement for kayaks with high/low seating systems.Navigator-wood-Kayak-Paddle-FullVery much looking forward to using this paddle over the 2015 fishing season! Check back for a complete extended use review in the fall!

For more information please visit the Bending Branches website!


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