Gear Review: Boga Grip w/ YakAttack T-Reign

One of the most commonly used tools for landing fish of all types is the Boga Grip. Although typically not in a kayak anglers budget one should be. Granted the fish grips are budget friendly and they float. However I’m sure the fish grip user has lost and struggled with more fish that the boga grip user.boga

1-boga gripMade in the USA from high quality stainless steel the Boga Grip cannot be matched. The one handed operation is necessary while fishing from a single person platform such as a kayak. Wile securely holding the fish by its mouth the boga grip allows wiggling flopping and spinning causing less damage to the fish. Also featuring a scale that can weigh fish up to 60 lbs depending on the model.

2-boga measureThe boga grip is engaged by the angler pulling back with their fingers to open the clamp. When released the spring action closes the clamp and the weight of the fish actually holds the clamp shut with its weight and the fish is secured. The spinning and angle of the clamp is designed to allow the fish to flap and spin freely. Allowing this motion actually causes less damage to the fish. To release the fish simply pull back with your fingers and the fish is loose!

3-boga releaseThe Boga grip is a great aid for handling a fish to remove hooks and align on a measuring board. Once the fish is clamped in the odds of loosing the fish are pretty slim. On the kayak its a great idea to leash everything that does not float. In that kayak fishing world there is a slogan. “If you love it leash it.”

Personally too many leashes get in the way on a small platform such as a kayak. The YakAttack T-Reign Surface Mount Retractor is the solution for this. The package also includes a mounting solution for the boga grip. You can also use the GearTrac mounted Retractor solution along with the mounting clip (call to combine these items). The T-Reign is a retractor meaning its 36″ Kevlar chord leash will self stow inside the housing automatically. No winding or cranking. Its spring loaded. When you put your Boga Grip back in its mounting clip the leash will automatically retract! If you do not want to leash the Boga Grip a float can be easily attatched.

Boga Grip maintenance is minimal. Like all other gear a rinse with fresh water after use is recommended. Just keeps it clean less gritty for functioning smoothly and properly. You can use a light machine oil or silicone to lube it up for. A small amount on the trigger pin, prong pin and connecting rivets.

Boga On Big Rig

The Boga Grip is a winner for the kayak angler.

  • Made in the USA
  • Ease One Hand Operation
  • Built In Scale
  • Durable and corrosion Resistant
  • Ergonomically Comfortable
  • Foam Grip
  • Prevents Damage to Fish
  • Leash Tether or Float Addition
  • YakAttack T-Reign and mounting clip
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