Sea-Lect Designs a kayak rigging hardware manufacturer has stepped into the kayak fishing game with their new Triple Threat Rod & Reel Holder. This high quality design has a ton of thought into its production. The rod holder is  reasonably priced and designed to carry all three different fishing reel types. Spinning, Bait casting, and yes Fly!

Triple Threat Rod Holder Image

First Impressions

The packaging is unique as it allows potential customers to operate most of the rod holders features. The retention collar and rear gimbal are fully functional. The packaging also details how the user can adjust the Triple Threat rod holder. It also displays the different reel types seated.


Track Fastener Kit ImageThe base connection

Currently the flush mount is only available. Alternatively a track mount kit is sold separately. It works fine and is plenty strong. The track mount base is expected to ship in the fall of 2018.

The base connection is a spline type which enables the rod holder to pivot 360 degrees and to be detached. The Triple Threat is easily lifted from the base. Once lifted can be rotated to the desired position, Simply press back down to lock in place.

Pivot knob

The adjustments of this rod holder are very one hand operation friendly. To pivot the rod holder twist the adjustment knob a quarter. You may now pivot rod holder to your desired angle. To set the adjustment you simply twist quarter in the opposite direction. The pivot point allows 6 points of adjustment with 45 degrees of oscillation.

Retention Collar

The retention collars function is exactly the name. Twist to open and twist to lock the rod in place. The collar functions like most rod holders on the market except has an added lever for one handed operation.

Rear Gimbal

The rear gimbal is unique as it pivots to a 90 degree position to stop the butt of the rod from sliding through. With the retention collar closed simply place the fishing rod through the collar and rest the butt on the gimbal and the rod holder is now converted to a fast action tube style.

Leash Points

The rod holder features three total leash points in the flush mount and recessed mount setup. Leashing to the base is best in case the rod holder is not secured properly as has happened in the past with track ball mounted rod holders loosening and becoming lost.

My observations of the Triple Threat Rod Holder

The Sea-lect Designs Triple Threat Rod Holder is best used as a front rod holder until an extension is available. This rod holder appears to be a great setup for trolling and dead sticking. The unique Gimbal Transforms the rod holder into a tube style with the collar locked. This rod holder has one handed operation in mind. Everything on the rod holder can be adjusted with one hand. Kayak anglers know the advantages of the ease of operation on their gear and accessories.


MSRP & Country of Origin Comparison of popular kayak fishing rod holders (Flush Mount)

Sea-Lect Designs Triple Threat Rod Holder – US 25.99

RAM ROD 2007 – US – 24.99

RAM TUBE 2008 – US – 32.99

RAM TUBE JR. – US – 24.49

Rail Blaza Rod Holder II – AU – 24.99

Yak Attack Omega (GearTrack Mount) – US – 40.00


Check it out on and ask your local Sea-Lect Designs retailer about it!



The Lunchbox Paddle Park was invented in 2016 by Charlie “LunchBox” LaBar prostaffter of Eddie Line Kayaks and The Kayak Fishing Store. The original concept came from using gear tracks a T bolt and a Yakattack RotoGrip Paddle Holder to offset the paddle holders from the track area. Stowing the paddle away has always been a challenge on many kayaks. Now with the new track mounting V grip style paddle holders the paddle will lay across the entire length of track. This unfortunately renders use of the track useless for mounting any additional accessories.

Lunchbox Paddle Park


The LunchBox Paddle Park arms are fabricated from 1/2″ black starboard. The plastic is very rigid at this thickness but is soft to drill for adding paddle holders and other accessories. They are track mounted using a T Bolt and plastic knob. This allows them to be stowed easily for kayak transport. You can mount the YakAttack RotoGrip  or any other V style paddle holders to the arms.

The Paddle Park can also double as a ParkNPole Holder! If you have ever tried to stow a YakAtack ParkNPole you know how awkward it can be.  Simply add on the YakAttack ParkNPole Clip Kit with Anti-Pivot Mounting Base and Security Straps to the center of the arms. No more shoving under bungees trying to get  it out of the way of your paddle stroke. Neatly stowed at the gunnel and easily accessible.

The Paddle Park Use:

The Paddle Park first of all has the ability to be track mounted on the gunnels of a  kayak. Most fishing model kayaks come standard with these tracks from the factory. The paddle parks are designed to position the paddle holders offset of the gear tracks. The paddle park allows for quick and easy access to your paddle while keeping it out of the way from the remainder of the tracks for mounting other accessories. The system is handy for stowing the paddle all day on peddle style boats or motorized kayaks where the paddle is not needed 90% of the time.

Most of all I really like the ease of stowing and accessing the paddle. A simple lift from the Rotogrips and your ready to paddle. Align the paddle in place, push down and the paddle is locked in and stowed.

The paddle park stows while traveling. You can simply rotate the Paddle Parks to align with the kayak. This way they are not protruding. The Paddle Parks are easily transferred to other kayaks with gear tracks installed on them.


Changing out Hardware:

Furthermore I decided to countersink 1/4-20 bolts into the starboard to give a flush mounting of the RotoGrips. The Paddle Park is not countersunk from the factory. You can swap out the Plastic Knobs with Screwballs. This also allows the mounting of additional RAM Mount accessories. These include camera mounts a fish finder mount etc.

Adding a YakAttack Park n pole mounting kit is a great option. In addition you can stow your parkNpole right next to your paddle for easy access.

The Paddle park can be used with other manufacturers paddle holders such as:

Native Cam-Lock

Rail Blaza G-Hold


The Paddle Park is only available at The Kayak Fishing Store

Review: Lowrance Elite 5 TI TotalScan Fishfinder/Chartplotter

Elite5TI_BoxedUpon receiving the new unit on a Tuesday and installing it on my kayak by Thursday I was able to use the unit on the water at the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Tournament. Since my kayak had a Elite 5 Chirp Installed I was able to use the existing hull pass-thru and the power cable. The transducer had to be swapped out replacing the HDI Skimmer (DownScan) with the TotalScan. See the install Article for more information on how I scupper installed the new TotalScan Transducer.

Once the cabling was installed I then inserted the Navionics+ Charts SD Card into the unit. On the initial power on it asked me to accept a disclaimer which every unit asks on power on. Then immediately went into quick setup mode. The touchscreen is where it is at. What once took over 15 different key pad presses now takes one touch of a finger!. Very convenient along with additional settings. The menus are simple to navigate along with the ability to touch zoom touch courser areas to zoom in on and set way points and even on the sonar touch and swipe back to review history. Changing settings such as sensitivity on the fly is simple. Touching the sensitivity and a slider appears which you can slide up and down via touch for more or less sensitivity. This applies for all settings.

An excellent new feature is the ability to customize just about every screen. You can create your own pages with views you would like to see along with sizing them within the page. You even have the ability to customize the background wallpaper with your own image! Change colors of tracks the DSI and Side Scan screens. By simply swiping the menu it will hide for max screen resolution. Simply edit the settings of any panel by touching the panel and selecting the options and settings within the menu.

TI on YAKAnother really cool feature is 3D Charts. Like a vehicle GPS you can now view them in 3D to see what is in front of you simpler. The ability to pan and change the view angle is all controlled by touch.

3D Chart View at nightA big improvement I have noticed is the refresh rate and sensitivity of the GPS along with better Navionics Charts. While turning it flows like a floating compass and is not laggy like older units. Adding way points has never been easier. Simply touch on the screen where you would like to add a way point or for current location press the chart then add new way point. Even faster press the flag symbol key on the keypad. Even easier is naming your way points. The onscreen touch keyboard makes this fast and easy.

The Lowrance Elite5 TI also has WIFI and Bluetooth ability. The wireless connectivity gives you the ability to use a wireless device to remotely view (smartphone and tablet) and control the system (tablet only). Access the GoFree Shop. Upload your Sonar logs to create custom maps at Insight Genesis. (If you have purchased the Lowrance Insight chart add on) Download software updates Connect to third party applications.

touch lock.One flaw so far is in heavy rain the touchscreen will malfunction. Bring a clean dry cotton towel with you to dry off the screen. If you are in a downpour. Quickly navigate by pressing the power key and then touching the lock screen icon. This will temporarily turn off the touch option. Once you are able to dry off the screen press the power button to unlock the screen. See the image on the left for touch lock location.






TS_DimensionsThe TotalScan is completely amazing. It includes CHIRP 2D Broadband, Down Scan Imaging (DSI), and side scan imaging. The DSI and side view imaging is completely photo like due to the CHIRP technology. Giving the ability to identify fish holding structure is a huge advantage for any angler. With three different transducers built into one it is an advantage for the kayak also. Although a drawback of the TotalScan transducer is its size. The install situation on a kayak it is incredibly tough to mount. Being side scan it must be in the water with no interference with the hull. The overall dimensions on the transducer is 10.11″ long by 2.65″ wide.  I had to modify the boat transom bracket to work with the Jackson kayak scupper and Lowrance Scupper mount. See the install article for more information on installing the transducer on Jackson Kayak Raymarine Ready Kayaks. For all other kayaks that do not have a large scupper trough you may opt to use a Ram Mounts Transducer Arm Mount and for use on multiple kayaks use the YakAttack Cell Block.

The unit will not work with the HDI skimmer unless you purchase an adapter cable (additional $30.00)


2016 Lowrance Catalog_985-11130-001_wPros:

  • Touchscreen Ability
  • TotalScan Three Different Transducer in one
  • Full Customization
  • WIFI
  • 3 available Chart Addons
  • Perfect Size for Kayak Application
  • Mounts using Ram Mounts RAM-101-LO11


  • Touch Screen is tough to navigate when really wet
  • Transducer is HUGE
  • Will not work out of box with HDI skimmer (needs adapter cable)

Check out the Lowrance Catalog and website for more information!


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