Sea-Lect Designs a kayak rigging hardware manufacturer has stepped into the kayak fishing game with their new Triple Threat Rod & Reel Holder. This high quality design has a ton of thought into its production. The rod holder is  reasonably priced and designed to carry all three different fishing reel types. Spinning, Bait casting, and yes Fly!

Triple Threat Rod Holder Image

First Impressions

The packaging is unique as it allows potential customers to operate most of the rod holders features. The retention collar and rear gimbal are fully functional. The packaging also details how the user can adjust the Triple Threat rod holder. It also displays the different reel types seated.


Track Fastener Kit ImageThe base connection

Currently the flush mount is only available. Alternatively a track mount kit is sold separately. It works fine and is plenty strong. The track mount base is expected to ship in the fall of 2018.

The base connection is a spline type which enables the rod holder to pivot 360 degrees and to be detached. The Triple Threat is easily lifted from the base. Once lifted can be rotated to the desired position, Simply press back down to lock in place.

Pivot knob

The adjustments of this rod holder are very one hand operation friendly. To pivot the rod holder twist the adjustment knob a quarter. You may now pivot rod holder to your desired angle. To set the adjustment you simply twist quarter in the opposite direction. The pivot point allows 6 points of adjustment with 45 degrees of oscillation.

Retention Collar

The retention collars function is exactly the name. Twist to open and twist to lock the rod in place. The collar functions like most rod holders on the market except has an added lever for one handed operation.

Rear Gimbal

The rear gimbal is unique as it pivots to a 90 degree position to stop the butt of the rod from sliding through. With the retention collar closed simply place the fishing rod through the collar and rest the butt on the gimbal and the rod holder is now converted to a fast action tube style.

Leash Points

The rod holder features three total leash points in the flush mount and recessed mount setup. Leashing to the base is best in case the rod holder is not secured properly as has happened in the past with track ball mounted rod holders loosening and becoming lost.

My observations of the Triple Threat Rod Holder

The Sea-lect Designs Triple Threat Rod Holder is best used as a front rod holder until an extension is available. This rod holder appears to be a great setup for trolling and dead sticking. The unique Gimbal Transforms the rod holder into a tube style with the collar locked. This rod holder has one handed operation in mind. Everything on the rod holder can be adjusted with one hand. Kayak anglers know the advantages of the ease of operation on their gear and accessories.


MSRP & Country of Origin Comparison of popular kayak fishing rod holders (Flush Mount)

Sea-Lect Designs Triple Threat Rod Holder – US 25.99

RAM ROD 2007 – US – 24.99

RAM TUBE 2008 – US – 32.99

RAM TUBE JR. – US – 24.49

Rail Blaza Rod Holder II – AU – 24.99

Yak Attack Omega (GearTrack Mount) – US – 40.00


Check it out on and ask your local Sea-Lect Designs retailer about it!



After installing KeelEazy in the spring of 2017 I quickly learned that although it felt tough it can be beaten. Although better than most keel guard solutions it worked for about 4 fishing trips. So here is the KeelEazy extended Use Review.

See the install article here. Protect your kayak with KeelEazy

KeelEazy Extended Use Review

I applied this keel protection product to my Jackson Kilroy LT on March 19th 2017. The kayak is Thermoformed ABS plastic with an acrylic finish. THis review does not include typical polypropylene rotomolded hulls.

Installation was a fairly simple process although the bends around the bow and stern were tricky. The ridges that I flattened out on the bends appeared not long after the installation allowing sand and grit the enter. Over a short time the sand and grit worked deeper and the adhesive became filled with dirt which it separated from the hull of the kayak. Also sharp objects like oysters, barnacles and rocks tor through after one outing.





I replaced 18″ at the stern mid season. I was able to cut back the damaged portion and run the new portion while overlapping the old on top. The reasoning for the overlap was when dragging the kayak forward it would eliminate an edge that will collect dirt and sand. However it did not last where the boat rests when truck top loading and unloading eventually begun to separate rendering the Keeleazy useless where its most needed.




The product only failed at the bends and curves. Elsewhere along flat parts of the keel it has lasted time and is only scuffed from dragging the kayak up banks. Although this area has not seen nearly as much abuse.



Overall it maybe a good product just not for this application on the material of the Jackson Kayak LT.

Back to looking for the best keel protection solution.



The Plastic Hull gives this product a 2 star rating.


New to the lineup of Bending branches Pro Series paddles is the Angler Pro Carbon. A milti-laminate full carbon fiber high performance light weight paddle. This is the first carbon fiber fishing specific paddle offered by Bending Branches.

 Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

Angler Pro Carbon First Impressions:

This paddle is light. Coming in at 24 oz it is now one of the lightest kayak paddles available on the market. Using a light paddle will extend your day on the water saving you energy with every paddle stroke.

The finish of the paddle is stunning. A mirror glaze on the blades brings out the woven fiber patterns. A smooth and comfortable shaft form fits to your grip but will not easily slip.

The paddle blade is noticeably wider and has a distinct angle and ridge on the front face.

The paddle is a 2 peice making it easy to transport when off the water. IT is simply assembled by joining the shaft together and twisting to lock in the desired length with the plus ferrule and snapping at the desired angle with the snap ferrule.

Available in both a snap button ferrule and the plus ferrule options. The snap ferrule is the most economical option and also less weight and allows you to feather the paddle at 0 & 60 to the left or right. The plus ferrule allows you to adjust on the fly +15 CM. The paddle can now be used with multiple kayak widths.

The new logo is very sleek and stylish with its white stencil on the black carbon blade.

Trust me this paddle is for the hardcore kayak angler. Brandishing a measuring strip in both inches and centimeters like all Bending Branches angler series paddles. The paddle itself becomes a fishing tool.

Carbon fiber although being light weight can still take a beating like fiberglass. Carbon however is stiffer than fiberglass so will not absorb any power from your stroke.

Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

New Technology:

Bending branches made an advancement in technology on all of the Angler Pro Series paddles. The blade width has become wider and thinner from the previous pro series. This enables more surface area to get the maximum output from your paddle stroke! This along with the plus ferrule introduced 2 years ago makes it the most versatile paddle as you can adjust the length +5cm to your kayaks width and to your paddling style.


Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon

I have been using the Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon since September 2017. Must say it has become my go to paddle! The lightweight is very noticeable on a long day of paddling and fishing. Much like the wood navigator paddle the Angler Pro Carbon has little of no flex in the blade which applies all of my paddle stroke with no loss due to flex of the blades against the water. I am able to reach my top speed faster with less strokes which is ideal while using a high end paddle.  I do notice the difference after paddling all day with Carbon compared to the previous years Angler Pro with the fiberglass blades.

The Angler Pro Carbon is rigid and tough. It will stand up to the test of time due to its high standard during fabrication. Bending Branches takes pride in every product they manufacture as it was being made for themselves. During my use of the paddle I made sure to push off rocks and mud banks and yes even oyster bars. The paddle held up and did not show any blemishes nicks or chips.

I love the plus ferrule option with this paddle as I do tend to paddle a few different kayaks which vary in width. This is a great option that bending branches offers and is worth the extra cash if you do paddle multiple styles of kayaks.

Although the high price there are so many pros for this new paddle. If you are a hardcore kayak angler or enjoy just paddling the high angle style I would highly recommend picking up an Angler Pro Carbon. So head down to your local kayak shop that carries Bending Branches paddles and check one out for yourself!


Snap Ferrule – 25oz Available in lengths 230cm  240cm  250cm  260cm

Feathers to – 0° & 60° (L or R)

Plus Ferrule – 26oz Available in Increments of 10cm lengths from 230-245cm  240-255cm

Infinite Ferrule 360° Feather


Snap Ferrule $399.96 MSRP

Plus Ferrule $424.95 MSRP


The Plastic Hull gives this product a 5 star rating.


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