YakAttack LeverLoc install on Jackson Kayak Kraken (Permanent Install)


The Jackson Kayak Kraken being 15′-6″ long requires the use of pad eyes to guide the long anchor trolley. YakAttack has created a kit along with a locking feature so there is no need for clam cleats anymore. Low profile and a top of the line anchor trolley rigging solution.

The YakAttack Leverloc install on Jackson Kayak Kraken is pretty simple given the amount of access to the inside of the hull. In this article I will cover the YakAttack Leverlock HD kit & system.  The kit includes additional backing plates to make the pulley anchor points more rigid.

In the kit you will find the following:


YakAttack LeverLoc HD Kit

  1. img_0128Anchor Trolley Line
  2. (4) Pad Hooks
  3. (2) Harken Pulleys
  4. LeverLoc and Housing
  5. Trolley Ring
  6. (3) backing plates with rigging bullet capability
  7. Mounting Hardware

Tools Needed:

  1. Drill
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Lighter
  4. Center Punch

First check that the kit contains all parts you will need.

The included instructions are well written in a step by step fashion to guide you through the installation that best fits the application.

In this install we will be drilling only 2 holes at the pulley locations as with the Jackson Kayak Kraken there is ample inner hull access to these areas. On the (2) three hole backer blocks look for the word pulley. these are the 2 holes we will be fastening to.

The LeverLoc may be installed on either side of your kayak and is purely your discretion. Typically fishing with conventional rods and reels my preference is to install the anchor trolley on the left side of my kayak. Due to being right handed I tend to fish from the left side of the kayak. This allows me to control my fishing rod better and land my fish easier. Also being right handed the control of the line and LeverLoc is overall easier.

1. Pulley Install:

Choose a location 12″ back from the bow above the waterline. Using a center punch mark the first hole and drill. Now mount the pulley using the black 1″ 10-32 bolt in the first hole drilled. Tighten into the backing plate but do not tighten completely. Now level the pulley and mark the second hole location in the center of the pulley mouthing point. Pivot the pulley and backing pate out of the way and drill the second hole. Fasten the second bolt to the backing plate and tighten. Repeat the same steps for the rear pulley.

2. LeverLoc & Clamp Base Install:

Now for the lever lock. The Kraken does not have a way to access the inner area of the kayak for this location. Select the location within reach from your seat but not where your paddle sweep will allow your hand or the paddle to hit. The screws provided will thread into the plastic without worries of them working out or leaking.

3. Trolley Line:

Tie an overhand knot in the end of the paracord after running it through one side of the ring. Now run the paracord through the bottom of the bow pulley then the top of the stern. Make sure you run it from the stern up through the pulley then through the Clamp Base  then down through the front pulley. Tie off the ends to the trolley ring. Make sure there is no slack in the line.

4. Pad hook Install:

For locations where the paracord line rides up the gunnel you will install the pad hooks. The top line will run through and the bottom will clip in the bottom hook. Evenly spacing 2 at the stern to the center and 2 from the bow to the center seems to be the best placement.

5. Tie off
Tie the tag end of the trolley line to the ring using half hitches. Cut the remaining end but leave about 3 inches for future adjustment.


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Memorial Day Weekend was here and it was an even more special weekend because my new custom color Kraken was delivered at Delaware Paddlesports a week earlier! I don’t typically drive down south on holiday weekends due to the crazy traffic. This time was an exception! I also needed to help my dad get his boat ready. My buddy Dan met me at my house around 7:00 PM and we left an hour earlier. The normal 3.5 hour drive was actually smooth. We hit no traffic until off the freeway of route 1 in Delaware. We tracked around using back roads most of it but it saved us no time as we ended up behind a boat we passed on the main highway.

Arriving around 11:30 the trip took us 3.5 hours so that’s right around the same time it typically takes back roading it through jersey.

kraken on truck1The next morning Saturday Dan and I set out to go pick up my new kayak! Arriving at Delaware Paddle Sports Allen helped me out. The lime yellow and black colors really came out nice! The guy at the Jackson Kayak shipping department called it “Bad To The Bone! He was right!! Unfortunately there was a lot of work to do for the day and we were unable to stop by the demo that everyone else was working for the day.

Unfortunately due to that amount of work and becoming ill the day after I was unable to paddle the boat.

I hope to paddle it this Friday before installing an entire Sealect Designs rudder system on it. This way i can understand the difference in my review! I have already done a Lowrance install on it and will post an article on that entire process next!!




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