15-5 inch porgie!I would have never thought it in the past to actually target these fish with my freshwater rod and reel!. As a kid i had caught porgies but never really targeted them. The Croaker is new to me as i had never caught the species in Raritan bay. It is actually very tasty. Better than fluke I must add. Just bony your not making a fish sandwich out of these fish. Their too bony and filleting them i hate wasting the meat with the pin bones. Theyr just way too small to get out by pulling the meat and them staying in the fish.

The photo to the left is a trophy. a 15.5 inch 4.5 lb Porgie. Amazing! Personal best for porgies! That one was foil packed and grilled. Excellent.

The rest of the fish were smoked in the smoker for 3 hours. Perfect!




Catch of the day!




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