Wrap up: Delaware Paddlesports Demo Day April 23 2016

Good times with Delaware Paddlesports Crew! An overcast but warm day is actually better for a kayak demo day! I can remember sunny days in July the heat, humidity, and sun causing borderline heat stroke.  I will take a cloudy day any day!! Working with Jackson Kayak Dealers is a major responsibility of the Pro Staff Team. IMG_6006-Pano

DPS_DemoDay SetupThis was the first of 3 demo days that Delaware Paddlesports had scheduled for 2016. It was great to meet many new and seasoned anglers looking to demo new kayaks for the season! DPS had available just about every kayak in their shop along with Hobies and Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs). Demo days are great in the sense that you can try out many different boats in a day. This way you can get the feeling of how a boat functions to your comfort level and style of fishing. The ability to test first hand how a kayak reacts with maneuverability, stability and overall how the boat fits you. It also enables questions to be answered by industry professionals.

Demo Day KayaksI also enjoy demo days as it gives me a chance to paddle new kayaks for the year from all manufacturers. Paddling all different kayaks is a plus. This way I can answer questions industry wide.

It was great hanging with the DPS team and Kelly Fischer a great guy and the Manufacturers Sales Rep for Outdoor Products from Astral Buoyancy, Liquidlogic, Shred Ready, Native Watercraft, Hurricane Kayaks, and H20 Gear.

Unfortunately I was supposed to finish this article a few weeks ago. The May 21st Demo Day was cancelled due to inclement weather. The next Demo Day is scheduled for June 11th.

Hopefully you can make it out to the next demo day! Delaware Paddlesports offers specials on accessory’s if you purchase a kayak at a demo day. Also remember Delaware is a Sales Tax free state.DPS JK trailer Packing Up


The Jersey Paddler Classic Demo Paddle is a demo day where $8 gets you a paddle and a PFD and the ability to just about demo paddle everything one of the largest largest kayak shops in New Jersey has in inventory.  demo day 1Along with company reps and on my side fishing guys representing the products to answer any type of questions you may have prior to purchasing a kayak. The demo was for a full Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM – 3 PM.

Saturday Morning was a cloudy day. Not much of traffic early but as the day went on the sun eventually filled the sky and it was busy for a good 2 hours. There was a lot of interest in the Jackson Kayaks I had brought my brand new 2015 Kraken for demo. Not even paddling the boat yet and that’s what its for! I also brought my personal Big Rig with the Torqeedo Motor for people to demo which may or may not have been the best idea. There was a ton of interest in the Torqeedo as well as the kayaks.

Jersey Paddler provided me with a Coosa and a Cuda 12 demo. It seemed like a slow day but I was told they had over 180 participants registered. In all it was a good day. I packed up everything and went home to take care of the dog.

demo panorama

Sunday was picture perfect weather and it showed. The crowds rolled in in droves! I saw a few people from the day before whom were still undecided. A family strolled up looking for a Big Tuna and thinking they had stocked me with all demos from the shop i told them i didn’t have one but would check on it. They tested out the Big Rig for a little while and while doing that my request for a Big Tuna and a Coosa HD appeared upon request! The family was totally happy after running them through the seating positions the were headed back to the shop the purchase one!

pdler15demoday2The day went on and the Big Rig was in the water just about the entire time. I feel the kids riding it paid their entry fee just to cruise. It was hard to retrieve the boat. I was sidetracked by questions and all kinds of them.  As i sit back here and type this article i find the amount of experience over the years has equipped me with the tools to help those who look to get into the sport. I’m glad to help and share the info I learned by trial and error.

Love doing these days even though it takes up fishing time. To everyone whom I met at the event tight lines!


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