DIY: Make your own Rod Leashes

It is really simple to make your own Bungee Rod Leash. Over time using many different types of rod leashes from DIY coiled wire from old cell phone chargers to rope the bungee chord style leashes I have always liked the best.

Things you will need:

1/8″ Bungee Chord

3/8″ DIA. x 3″ L Heat Shrink Tubing with Adhesive cut in half

rod leash (Large)Cut the 1/8″ bungee to any length you would like. I prefer 30″.  Then cut the heat shrink tubing in half. Slide both pieces of the heat shrink tubing on the bungee. This way you don’t forget to slide the second piece on later. Using pliers position the C-Ring Crimp open end out. make 1.5″ loop at the end of the bungee. and place the tag end and the main line into the crimp. Crimp down making the loop permanent. Make sure by pulling on the bungee it does not slide through the crimp. Next slide over one piece of the heat shrink tubing and using a heat gun or lighter shrink the tubing in place. Open the Sea Clamp and close it through the loop. This is your fishing rod connection.

On the other end slide the tag end through the Carabiner eye. Using the same technique as on the other end crimp a loop. Slide the remaining heat shrink tubing and shrink over.

Your DIY bungee rod leash is now complete.

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