KeelEazy is a PVC product manufactured to protect Thermoformed kayak keels. Kilroy LT KeelEazyThe Keel is a part of the kayak that protrudes along the center of the underside of the hull. Thermoform ABS plastic being both strong and thin is actually more abrasive than typical Poly rotomolded kayaks. To extend the life of the kayak and to protect your investment I recommend installing Keel Easy. KeelEazy will protect your kayak against abrasive scuffs, wear and scratches to the keel.

Installing KeelEazy is actually really easy. You can choose to protect the entire keel or just the bow and stern areas which receive the most abuse. KeelEazy comes in seven different colors!

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Orange
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Red
  7. Yellow

It also comes in different widths however 2″ is the best for most kayak applications.

Install Video:

KeelEazy Installation:

Kilroy LT with KeelEazyI opted to install the Keel Guard on the entire length of the keel. I ordered 14 feet so there would be a little extra just in case. Overall length of the Kilroy LT is 12′-11″.

Step 1: Clean the entire keel area with a clean rag and rubbing alcohol. Let dry. Level off any existing scratches with a razor blade.

Step 2: Round off the beginning edge. (This is not in the video) By folding the edge in half length wise and cutting an arc out it will round off the leading edge for a cleaner look after installation. This is optional.

Step 3: Using a razor blade peel back the protective backing.

Step 4: Place the sticky side down starting 6″ min at the bow. Roll it out and remove the backer keeping the keel guard sticky side down. Keep centered on the keel.

Step 5: Warning: Do not apply too much heat. If you burn the keel guard you will need to replace it with a brand new piece.

Step 6: Using a heat gun slowly heat and mold the keel guard to the bow and the curve in the keel. Using a roller or round tool work out the bends and kinks.

Step 7: Continue using the heat gun in small areas heating up the keel guard and pushing it down. You may want to use a glove because it can get pretty hot.

Step 8: Round off the stern edge.

Step 9: Repeat heat and apply.


KeelEazy is available as a Kit or per by the foot from The Kayak Fishing Store.


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