Camera Float Life Proof Phone Case Tether

camera float

So you purchased a Life Proof case for your phone Now its protected and waterproof! Only problem if you drop it overboard it will sink like a rock. I came up with a simple solution the use of a GoPro tether and a camera float.

tether partsGoPro has a 3M sticky back tether product used to tether a GoPro to helmets and surf boards and such. The 3M adhesive is very sticky and will just about stick to anything.

How to install. Simply stick the tether to the back of your phone. In an area that will not interfere with phone mounts. After this installation the phone will not sit flat but its better than loosing it.

tether complete

You can find the GoPro Tether on Ebay!

Also find the Floating Camera Strap Here!

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