Check it out a DIY GearTrac mounted Bait Cutting Board!

track bait boardAs saltwater anglers tend to use a lot of cut bait this was the best conclusion I came to. Prior to the cutting board I would cut bait on the deck of my kayak. Which was ruining the aesthetics of the deck.

While at Walmart browsing though the kitchen aisle I stumbled across a polymer cheese cutting board priced at $3.00. As kayak anglers we are constantly thinking of things to rig out our kayaks.

At first keeping the board in my milk crate but once it was full of bait I wanted a place that would could keep the bait on the board and covered with a rag. Then YakAttack started offering T-Bolt kits of loose bolts and nylon thumb nuts. The Jackson Big Rig has factory installed Geartracs on both sides which make it the best place to mount the board. Cutting bunker chunks cleaning and stripping out squid on this board is perfect. Its out of the way from my paddle stroke and my steering.

Tip: You can also use a screwball as an attachment point with an additional ram mount for a camera or rod holder!

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