2016 Jackson Kayak Standard Fishing Colors

For 2016 Jackson Kayak has announced new standard colors along with some modified and some carried over from 2015. These colors apply to the fishing line of kayaks only.


2016 JK Colors inversed

2016 Jackson Kayak Standard Fishing Line Colors  – Displayed on the Coosa HD

In total 3 new standard colors have been unveiled for 2016 fishing line of kayaks. They consist of:

  1. Bluefin
  2. Bahama
  3. Electric Eel

Colors that were modified

  1. GI Jackson (added some tan to the mix.)

Colors carried over from 2015 are

  1. Dorado
  2. Forest Camo.

Whats your favorite color? Take the poll!!

Whats your favorite 2016 Color?

As always for an upcharge you may order a custom color. Visit your local Jackson Kayak Dealer for more information. To find a dealer location near you please visit the www.jacksonkayak.com dealer locator.

Pimping out my Jackson Cuda 14

The below slides show my custom color Jackson Cuda with the factory black 1/4″ Bungee. Over time the bungee becomes brittle and needs to be replaced. Instead of using the black bungee you may opt for a color bungee to pimp out your kayak!


The slides below  show the result of the replacement. The tank well will require around 10 feet of 1/4″ bungee chord. The front rod tip protector will require 24″ of 3/16″.


Completed it does make the boat pop! You can order the colored bungee in different colors and lengths from Hook1 or ebay.


Upgrading a 2014 Big Rig to 2015 status is pretty simple! A few modifications have been introduced on the new 2015 Big Rig. These upgrades can be purchased from your local Jackson Kayak dealer or from the Jackson Kayak online store.

The new additions include:

  1. All new Seadek style adhesive Deck Pad.
  2. Upgraded leaning post Grip Shrink pads.
  3. The brand new Elite 2.0 seat with Thermarest back support.
  4. The brand new CAM style seat latching system which can be applied to the 2014 model.
  5. Upgraded all deck rigging bungee to yellow.

Installing the deck pad:

Prior to installing the deck pad clean the deck thoroughly. Let dry completely then wipe down with rubbing alcohol and again let dry completely. The install should be done when it is warm out above 50 degrees but under 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using a sharpie marker align the deck pad and mark the corners where it aligns with all scupper holes. Peel back the paper that covered the adhesive align with your markings and press down firmly. The adhesive is very sticky so you really only have 1 shot.

Upgrading the leaning post pads:

leaning post upgradeYou’ll need a heat gun for this operation and a razor blade for cutting the Grip Shrink. The standard grip size on the 2015 Big Rig are (2x) 4″ for the sides and (1) 9″ for the top center. Cut accordingly.  Remove the leaning post from the kayak. Remove one support brace. Slide on one 4″ piece first. position it where you would like it to be on the side with the support brace that you did not remove. Heat and shrink it in place. Repeat the same step with the 8″ piece centering it on the top portion of the bar. Once complete replace the support brace and using Loktite on the bolt that it swivels on. Reattach it to the kayak and your 2015 leaning post is complete!

Updating to the new Elite 2.0 Seat:

I am hoping replacing the seat eliminates the creaking I used to experience with the original seat. The new Elite 2.0 seat fits the 2014 Big Rig but requires the Cam seat latch system.

cam lockCam Conversion Kit:

The cam conversion it is a easy install. It includes the star hex bit for removing the screws that secure the security bar. Simply remove one screw and loosen the other enough to slide on the loop of the cam strap. Make sure the cam lever is facing the bow. Tighten and the install is complete!

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